Betta fish Attacks

June 10, 2019
Here s one of my apple snails

Yes, Betta fish do have teeth, very tiny white teeth. To see these teeth you will need to take a very close up look of your Betta’s open mouth – sometimes they are so small even at this close up look you may not see them (a magnifying glass may help).

Because people know the aggressive fighting nature of Betta fish yet can’t see any teeth they often ask if Bettas have teeth. After hearing some of the fighting stories and watching a Betta tear at a bloodworm during feeding times owners are often surprised that they can’t see the teeth with their naked eye.

The Betta’s teeth are used for feeding time. Used for chewing and munching at Betta pellets and cutting up dried Bloodworms (or any live food you may feed them) before eating them. Betta fish are carnivores, in their natural habitat they would feed on small waterbound insects and larvae – these fish have needed these small sharp teeth for hunting and killing from the rice paddies they originate from.

As we all should know by now, Betta fish are also known as Siamese Fighting Fish and these teeth play a part in them acquiring that reputation! They will use those small sharp teeth to fight with other fish and rip up the fins of their opponent. Bettas are very territorial, especially male Bettas towards other male bettas – they should never be kept together or these teeth will come out! Betta sometimes will even attack other kinds of fish so you should be very careful about your betta tank mates – fish that are too colorful, have large fins or any that may nibble your betta are a no no.

But you have no need to worry, these teeth can cause no pain to human hands. If after reading this blog you are brave enough to put your hands in your Betta fish tank you may feel a little nibble but they can’t bite hard enough to do any harm! They are just Betta kisses! 🙂
do bettas have teeth?

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