How to breeding Betta fish easy?

January 5, 2020
Hmpk dragon scale betta breed

There are a lot of mouth brooding beta currently availible to hobbyists. I have had success with the very large Betta Ocellata, and I am currently working with betta rubra and betta macrostoma. The b. rubra have held several times but not carried to release.Betta ocellata are a good beginner betta. The males can be very attractive and vary in colors with mostly green, blue and bronze.I will write more as time allows.

Some success with rubra and macrostoma. From my experience betta's are not generally a hard fish to get to breed, but it's afterword that is sometimes difficult.

Ocellata is a great starter for a betta breeder. They can be kept in a group, and even breed that way, but success is beter with a single pair. Hold well in my experience.

Rubra is very small for a mouth brooder so the challenge is getting babies from a spawn. Mine seem to spawn fine in groups, but contrary to what I have read, the babies get eaten if the group is left together. It seems like it would be easy to tell when such a small mouthed fish is holding, but it is not. If you are watching you tank, you should notice increased sparing, and a breeding tube from ripe females before spawning. then the holding male dissapears. I fish him out after about a week and put him in a container with some java moss, and float it in the tank until he spits. These are way small for a manual spit.

My Macrostoma gets a nice mouthful of eggs, then eats them after a couple of days. Easy size to spit, but they are very strong, and wiggle out of my hand easily. Females are less colorful, but can have the eye spot on the dorsal fin(other things I read claimed this was the sex tale). Best to breed as a pair.Update: I got my first batch of macrostoma fry. I had one male that held for a couple of weeks so I spit him(not wanting to push my luck). I have about a dozen babies with large yolk sacks( I would much rather deal with that than eggs. They should be eating within a week so I will update. This fish was bred in a standard 20 that is a little more than half way full of water( I didn't want to take any chances of them finding a small whole and jumping out). There are two males and two females in the tank. Both males started holding about the same time but the other one ate them. I dont' know what the secret to getting them to hold is, but after I fatten this guy up(he has been fasting for a while) I will try him alone with a female and then pull her out when he is holding.

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