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January 1, 2020
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When buying a Betta, first make sure that it is healthy from the start. First look all the Bettas individually. Cups which is using for Bettas must be clean and all the Bettas must be living .All the Bettas should appear alert. There are some important physical and behavioral factors to consider in the process for purchasing a healthy Betta.

The factors are mentioned below:
Bettas are available in so many different colors and variations. Bettas with poor health may have discoloration or pale looking body. Such Bettas should be better avoided.

The healthy Betta scales should all be flat and smooth against the body with no loose scales missing.

Gill Area
For buying a healthy Betta, the gills on the Betta should be smooth in appearance. It should not be swollen and thin.

When purchasing a Betta fish from the market, first looking that a Betta’s body should be streamlined, full and proportionate from head to tail. There should be no lumps, bumps and extra growths on the body.

The behavior of Betta is also important. It should be active. It must be responding of outside activities. Also consider that fish should not be constantly lying on the bottom. Slow moving sluggish-looking Bettas should be better avoided.

The fins of Betta’s should be able to spread out fully. Betta’s fins should be free of holes. The fins of Betta's should not have rips, tears and rough edges. They should not be clamped fins together.

Eyes of Betta’s should be dark in appearance. It should look clear. The eyes should not be very far out from the head. It should also not look hazy or protruding.

healthy betta picture A healthy male Betta. Copyright

When buying Betta, first see that Betta should not appear dull. Also don’t consider that Betta is swollen in the region of stomach. This may be a sign of constipation.

At the time of buying Betta, consider factors like water in which they are kept. It should be clean and clear looking likes a fresh water etc. At the time of purchase, if some white patches are found in the Betta’s cup or on his body, then skip buying that Betta; it could be with a case of fungus. Slight blue or green colored water is okay. The color could be due to the addition of anti-fungus water additives. The changing of water after some days is necessary. If the water is not changed and the fishes are harassed, then it may be possible that the Bettas are suffering from illness from many days. For this matter, if u feel that something is not right about the water and the Betta, then it’s good that leave it.

Pet store
The Pet store from which Betta has to be bought should also be clean. There should be no stinking odor as if some dead animal is around. Also the place should be free of dirt and cobwebs. Bettas can fall prey to viral or bacterial parasites, which thrive in such conditions. Also the area where the Betta is kept should have temperatures conducive to the Bettas on sale.

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