Cute Betta fish bowl

August 21, 2017
The ZeroEdge Betta Bowl is

Every so often, in the name of the blog, I bring home something that makes my family members scratch their heads.

The most recent example was this one gallon jar of pickles. I mean, there are only four of us. How many pickles can we eat?

But I had a really good reason for buying all those pickles. Earlier that week, at my favorite thrift, I found a glorious-looking (empty) one-gallon glass jar.

And my brain swam with the possibilities.

Then I looked at the price. $6.00?! The way I saw it, I could get my own jar at the grocery store for less than that AND it would be full of food!

Turns out I was right. One trip to Smart & Final later and I had myself a gallon jar of pickles.

Thankfully my kids (and their friends) love pickles.

In no time at all I had an empty jar.

I whipped up some "Here Fishie, Fishie, Fishie" stickers on my Silhouette and stuck them on.
Then it was just a matter of adding some rocks, some decorative plants...
...and a FISH!
Allow me to introduce you to the newest resident of `a casarella: Pickles the fish!
Isn't he pretty??
My girls were over the moon when they came home and found him.
I'll keep you posted on his progress as time goes on!
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