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February 4, 2020
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2625 S El Camino Real
San Mateo, CA 94403
(650) 212-3474

My boyfriend and I are personally huge fans of Ultimate Aquarium! We always buy our fish and get our water tested here. Our two Green Spotted Puffers began to have black bellies. I immediately took my water in to get tested and they helped me start the process to get them back to health! I am towards the end of the process and the Puffers have no more black on their bellies! All thanks to Ultimate Aquarium and a bunch of patience. All the employees are really friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful! All of the fish that they sell are healthy and well taken care of! They have Fresh Water, Brackish Water and Salt Water fish available. All are incredibly gorgeous!

Friendly staff and although the shop is small they have a good variety of stock in both equipment and fish! The tanks always look pretty clean and the fish mostly seem pretty healthy.

Love this place. The staff is so polite, the place is clean and well stocked. It almost feels like a mini vacation visiting here. Last time I was there, I needed some ingredients for a horticulture project. Their main manager (his name escapes me unfortunately) went out of his way to help me and I felt that I def had the best product for a really reasonable price. Also, they treat all the animals and live coral really, really well - everything looks so vibrant and healthy. I have no doubt when I buy their product and/or live animals that they are the best. Thanks for being here :)

Having recently started a freshwater aquarium, I was in search of some plants as well as other decorative pieces. My wife and I stopped by Ultimate aquarium, and were immediately helped by one of the guys up front (sorry, I forget your name.) He was able to guide me towards the plants I needed as well as make a few suggestions for lighting options and products. I did not feel like anything was being forced upon me. I plan on returning for all of my fish related needs in the future.

If you're in need of some fish friends or ways to care for your little finned fellows, Ultimate Aquarium is a pretty solid place to start. THE HIGHLIGHTS. ~ Knowledgeable staff (although it can be a bit hit or miss) + Solid, quality selection of any fish care items that you may need + Happy little fish of many types swimming around in the aquarium section (a far cry from the sad tanks of your Petco or PetsRUs) ~ Not inexpensive, but it's expected as a small business It's nice seeing a dedicated specialty store for fish of all kind.

My wife and I were looking to get a larger aquarium for our goldfish - Buddy. We spoke with 2 staff members there- Andrea & a gentleman whose name I can't remember (I'm sorry). We ended up getting a 16 gallon Fluval Vista aquarium kit and a stand. They were very helpful with instructions on getting the aquarium ready for our goldfish Buddy, and continue to be patient and helpful as I have questions about cleaning, adding live plants, other fish. I highly recommend using Ultimate Aquarium for your fish & aquarium needs

This is one of the good stores left in the area.They only have small tanks and the store is not huge, but the fish are healthy and the staff understands the fish. I have memories of the bigger stores that used to be around, but those are gone so I buy most of my fish from these guys now and I am always happy to go in there and see what they have. Highly recommended.

These guys know fish. That pretty much sums it up. When I was starting my aquarium these guys pointed me in the right direction as far as what fish works with other fish, the proper care for these fish. Also to add, they always have a good selection

We have bought not one but two fluval 406 canister filters here, both within a year. Have spent over 300 on each with media replacement parts. Both leaking with multiple attempts to fix, no help in the customer service department, I have called multiple times (4), with the same message from a young boy with feminine undertones stating that he will have the manager get back to us. Money and time wasted.

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS FISH. My boyfriend and I were driving down El Camino and he pointed over to this business and said "that place is awesome", and I replied saying, "what's so awesome about that aquarium?" So he stopped, pulled over, and had us walk inside. There. are. so. many. fish. Like hella fish. And coral. And shrimp. And hermits. EVERYTHING. There was this big fish (i think it was called an XL Red something) and I was standing in front of it with my face really close to the glass and the fish was swimming up to me and hitting the glass. Super cute! Even if you're not going to go and buy a fish, it's definitely worth stopping by and checking it out :D

I've been to most of the fish stores within a 75 mile radius and this is my favorite. The staff is very knowledgeable and they really care about their fish and clients. They always go above and beyond and take care of me. A+

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