Half Moon Betta breeding

January 30, 2021
Halfmoon betta breeding pairs

Since 1999, we have visited numerous top betta farms in many provinces in Thailand and personally searched and screened for the most experienced show class half moon betta breeders and we ended up finding those who offer the most superior quality of the half moon gene pools.

In 2005, in partnership with a select few, we brought betta lovers and enthusiasts a tremendous opportunity to purchase these extraordinary and most beautiful bettas without the hassles of taking any risk of D.O.A. (death on arrival.) and being fined as a result of direct shipping from overseas without an import license.

We are a licensed importer, distributor and retailer of these show class half moon bettas at the best price to quality ratio.

We are located in Southern California in the city of Redondo Beach, just 10 minutes away from the Los Angeles Airport (LAX) which renders the convenience of an all-year-round importing destination which all our customers benefit from.

Source: www.siamsbestbettas.com
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