PetSmart Bettas

October 31, 2017
Right Divide: Male Betta

I was in a Petsmart today for about the fifth time in my life(I've never been a huge fan of the chain). I was looking for supplies for my cat, bird, and new found bettas. I was appalled at the way this store houses their bettas. I read here on another thread about how people feel that Walmart treats their fish(at least Bettas)so poorly. I for one happen to agree, which explains why I end up finding a new fish in my buggy with each visit there!! The site of all those poor fish trapped in those little containers is heartbreaking to me.

I was shocked to find that petsmart is a far cry worse! The cups that they are selling Bettas in makes Walmart seem as though they are throwing in an 'aquarium' along with the fish.

There, in the place where pets are to be treated like royalty, were all of these lovely fish doomed to life in this 'drop' of water!

While I am not a stockholder in Walmart, I have to admit that their handling of Betta was certainly better. The container that they sell there fish in is loathsome yet at least the poor betta does have room to turn around in. More than I can say for Petsmart.

They are supposed to be the pet store who cares right?

Sorry for the rant. I just don't get it. If I had to lay odds on which retailer would be more cruel to fish and pets, my money would certainly go on the department store, not the 'pet experts'.

I'll say one thing for them. If their goal is to make consumers feel sorry for the little critters and mount a rescue, it works. I now have yet another male betta entertaining me, LOL.

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