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December 12, 2019
The most will be Red VT (9)

After I was done transferring and removing, I put a few drops of infusoria in each - I have cultured it in a separate container.

One glass jar (I used a pasta sauce container).
Tank water from the bottom of a planted tank.
A few yellowing aquatic plant leaves.
Left covered in a sunlit spot for 2 weeks.

The water has turned yellowish green, filled with lots and lots of yummy microorganisms.

I also have a vinegar eel culture:

1 jug apple cider vinegar
1/4th apple, sliced
Starter culture
Spring water

- Pour out 1/3 to 1/2 of the apple cider vinegar, and replace the vinegar with conditioned water. I used spring water, because my tap water is bad.
- Add the sliced apple
- Add the starter culture
- Stick it in a cupboard and forget about it (I left the cap cracked so fresh air could get in)

I started the vinegar eel culture on 9/20, and it is now teeming.

In addition to those slow-growing cultures, I also have walter worms and micro worms. The instructions for culturing each are the same. Note, walter worms are somewhat smaller than micro worms, and will be edible when the fry are smaller.


Cooked Oatmeal OR Masa Flour OR Wet Bread
Active Dry Yeast
Starter Culture

While most people choose to use oatmeal, I used Masa Flour (corn flour) for my culture medium, because it is said to smell better. Having sniffed what I purchased versus my now mature cultures, I can tell you both that micro worms smell like hell no matter what, and that they smell less like hell with masa flour than with oatmeal. Also, walter worms smell better than micro worms.

- Mix the masa flour with spring water until you get a loose paste. Not too thick, but not liquid, either.
- Spread the starter culture on top as though buttering toast.
- Add just a sprinkle of active dry yeast.

The yeast will naturally liquefy the culture as it goes along, so if you notice your culture getting too soupy, add a small amount of cooked oatmeal or masa flour (depending on what you used), and stir it in. You're not going to hurt your worms.

Source: www.bettafish.com
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