Angry Betta fish

March 10, 2023
Same butterfly male flaring at
Oh yes here we go.

Lets get something straight about betta fish;
I don't care about how many bettas you've had that have lived for years in these tiny tanks. I can live in a closet my whole life, but does that mean I'm happy? No.

If you get a betta, you should also be prepared to purchase a tank over 2 gallons, a heater, possibly a filter, different foods, medicines, hiding places/live plants, and water conditioner.

I'm also sick of people telling me that what I have for my fish is 'a bit much for a betta'. It's ridiculous. I'm giving my fish what he deserves and what would make him happiest. He didn't chose to be sold; it wasn't his choice to risk living in a tiny bowl his whole life. I want him to be happy. He recognizes me apart from other people, He swims over to my bedside when I wake up in the morning; If I put my hand in his tank, he isn't scared and lets me touch him: He knows who I am and trusts me and cares about me just like I care about him.

Guys please. If you have a betta, and you want to take better care of it ALWAYS FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME. I love betta fish and it's unfortunate that people don't know how to properly care for them and the internet/pet stores are so misleading about betta fish care.

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