Automatic Betta fish Feeder

January 9, 2023
DIY Automatic Fish Feeder

Try an automatic fish feeder from Petco to make the care of your aquatic creatures a breeze. Fish are considered low-maintenance as they don't require much attention and an automatic fish feeder makes it that much easier to raise a healthy school. It's important to feed your fish on a routine basis, and in the correct proportions as too much food can lead to bloating and clog your filters and skimmers, while too little food will leave your fish hungry. This is why many aquarists choose an automatic fish feeder. Developed not only to feed your fish while you're away, an auto fish feeder can even be programmed to feed your fish consistent proportions of fish food.

If you're planning to spend a weekend out of town or you're going on a more long term vacation, there are an assortment of vacation fish feeders available to ensure your fish are taken care of while you're away from home. Make sure someone can stop by once in a while to ensure your fish friends are in tip top shape and to ensure the vacation fish feeder is working properly.

Designed to keep floating fish food from dispersing throughout the surface of your aquarium, there are feeding rings and feeding stations for both fresh and saltwater aquariums. These accessories help to make feeding easier, while also inhibiting the food from being wasted and possibly clogging your tank filters or skimmers. Shop the selection of automatic fish feeders available at Petco.

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