Betta fish not eating

February 2, 2020
Thanks in advance

Hello, I've seen some helpful advice in seaching through this forum, and I'm hoping someone out there might have some advice for me. I've had my betta for about a year and a half, he is active and colorful generally looks healthy. However, I've noticed in the past week that he has trouble eating his food, I know he is hungry because he "attacks" the food as soon as it hits the water. The problem is that he can't catch it, sometimes he misses it and sometimes it seems as though he is right under it, but the food escapes him anyway as he lunges for it. He keeps trying to get it, and I watched him stuggle for nearly an hour last night before giving up. I've tried changing pellets, but he won't even try and eat anything other than his Betta bio-gold (he's always been particular) and have even tried freeze dried larve and flakes. Nothing.

He lives in a goldfish bowl, no pump or filter, and I change his water once every 5 days using a combination of Betta water conditioner and Wardley's "Chlor-out", (although I started changing it every 2 days this past week since I thought the water might be the culprit) And I'm out of ideas. If anyone out there has any advice, it would be completely appreciated. Thanks for reading my post.

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