Healthy Betta fish

March 9, 2021
Of a healthy betta fish
You must have heard about different breeds of dogs and cats. But, unlike dogs and cats, fishes also have different species and Betta fish is the most prominent among them. It was first discovered in Southeast Asia.

The Betta fishes are small specie fishes that vary in size considerably. It is often referred to as the jewel of the orient. These fishes are very colorful. These fishes are known for their fascinating beauty and warrior like personality.

Ideal food Quantity for the Betta fishes: The adult Betta fish should be fed once in a day and the fries twice a day. If you are feeding the adult Bettas twice, then reduce the quantity to half you were providing. The Betta fishes must not be overfed as there is a common problem of obesity is found in them.

Ideal Food Quantity for Betta FishThe stomach of the Betta’s is very small like an eye, so it cannot eat huge amounts of food at once. Few people are of the view to feed their Betta until it will stop eating and this food will help them to grow stronger and healthier. But, this is wrong because the Betta’s cannot eat all the food at once as they have a very small stomach. The remaining food makes the water dirty and cause bacteria therein that result into its sickness. So, it should be taken out from the water to keep your Betta fish healthy.

As per a doctor’s advice you should skip giving food to your Betta fish for one day in a week. But, this does not mean that you can skip it after three days or after four days or alternatively. The Betta’s should be provided with a healthy diet, but may skip it for a day after a week. If your Betta fish is looking flat, it means you are underfeeding it. So, while feeding, you should take into consideration that the right amount food must be given to it.

Ideal food for Betta FishIdeal food for the Betta fishes: The Betta fish is said to be the one that eats anything when given to it. But few people have said that it is incorrect. While feeding you should also keep in mind its choice of food and also with it you will get aware of it whether it is preferable or liked by it. If food is of its choice, it will gobble it very easily. Along with it the food provided to the Betta fishes must be rich in protein.

Obesity problem in Betta fishes:

A common problem found in every pet is the problem of obesity. Not only cats and dogs, Fishes also have this problem of obesity. The foremost and the basic reason for this obesity of your pet is overfeeding of food at irregular intervals of time. As already discussed about the number of times a Betta should be fed with food and in what quantity. The quantity and type of food have a great significance in the life of your pet. Usually owners have the mentality to feed the Betta until all the food is gobbled up. This leads to a serious problem of obesity.

Obesity problem in Betta fishesDue to this problem of overfeeding few double tailed Betta’s suffer from the swimming problems. Overfeeding may result into constipation problems and sometimes may lead to dropsy. Dropsy is a kind of organ failure. So, it is necessary to feed a fish with the right food and in right quantity so as to keep it healthy and free from this problem of obesity.


The fishes have also become an important part of your pet world. They also work as an attraction of your home or wherever they are kept. Their appetite is as per their size that is very small. The important things to be considered are to feed your Betta fish with an ideal food and in an ideal quantity. They must not be overfed or underfed. They must be fed at the intervals as recommended by a veterinary doctor. Overfeeding to Betta’s may result in constipation, obesity problem, etc. After being obese these fishes will suffer from problem in swimming.

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