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December 29, 2018

I just want to make a reservation that Mahjong is first and foremost a game of chance for four people, where everyone plays for himself. Gameplay is a bit similar to poker rules, requires observation, excellent memory and experience. But today we will talk about Mahjong Solitaire - a game for one person, which uses the bones for Mahjong.

Suits and rules

Dice are divided into three suits - dots, symbols and bamboos, seven oner - older bones - four winds and three dragons, four pieces of each type, flowers - bamboo, chrysanthemum, orchid and plum (one each) and seasons one by one. Before starting solitaire, you should choose a figure, they all differ in complexity. Chips are mixed and stacked by randomly selecting bones, a multi-layered figure is added.

The goal of the game is to build a figure you need to disassemble, and you can only remove identical bones that lie on top - that is, you cannot take out chips from the lower layers, taking into account that the chip must have one free space near the left or right, otherwise the bone is considered blocked. Chips with the seasons and colors are considered the same, the rest differ in suit and dignity.

Constructions and solvability

In addition to several dozen common and classic layouts, there are many variations of designs. The most famous "Turtle" and "Pyramid", consist of five layers. Moreover, not every layout is solvable. In this regard, computer variations of the Mahjong game are good, where a special algorithm for laying out a pyramid is used, which is increased by adding pairs of identical bones and provides at least one solution to the problem. You can often see that the number of possible moves at each stage of the game is indicated below, which allows you to step back a few moves in case of failure and choose a different path. You can play Zuma on Mega Zuma .

By the way, there are a lot of computer variations of the game, from classics to bulky pieces of chips, not bad solitaire variations for children, where, instead of classical suits, there are simpler drawings, cartoon characters and geometric shapes.

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