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December 24, 2017
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Dusit, Grim, Reaper and BlueIt’s time for another Owner Spotlight from the community of other betta lovers out there like you and I. Today’s spotlight comes from Mark who has a total of 8 betta fish across several different tanks and has an incredible passion for caring for his males and females. I always love seeing the unique names that other owners decide to name their little buddies! Here’s his story and our one on one below:

How many betta fish do you have, what types and what are their names?

I currently have eight bettas, Lao Tzu is a CTPK male (featured photo above), Grim is a CT male, Reaper is a CT male, Dusit is a HMPK male, Blue is a CTPK female, Big Momma is HMPK female, and Baby Girl and Sweet Potato are also HMPK females.

What inspired you to get into the betta fish husbandry hobby?

Bettas are what I turned to after I lost my dog but I have had bettas all my life.

Have you ever set up or had a sorority?

I do currently have a sorority and am expecting more females shortly to continue expanding it.

What product or products would you like to recommend to others?

I swear by anything made by Seachem, and their Kanaplex has ended a few dropsy battles for the better.

What is the biggest thing you’ve learned recently?

sorority-baby-girl-sweet-potato-big-mommaHaving bettas, you are always learning and it’s almost impossible to pick one thing. Just always watch how they behave because each fish is different and you will be able to tell when something is wrong.

Tell me one piece of advice you’d give other betta fish owners; especially new owners.

The best advice I can give is to do your research and learn the most you can about tail types and general behavior. Once you know those you can go from there and expand. But when getting a betta make sure to watch them for a little bit, they all behave different and it’s important to know.

How many tanks do you have and what sizes are they?

All eight of my bettas are spread across five tanks. Lao Tzu has a 2.5 gallon heated, Grim is also in a 2.5 heated, Reaper is in a 3 gallon heated, Dusit has the smallest at 1.3 gallon heated that I plan on upgrading to a 2.5 heated soon, and all the females are in a 10 gallon heated and planted tank.

I know favorites are tough, but do you have a favorite out of your bettas?

My favorite is a three-way tie between Lao Tzu, Baby Girl, and Sweet Potato. Lao Tzu is my star stud, Baby Girl is just too cute, and Sweet Potato adores me and always comes over the second I approach the tank.

Have you done any breeding yet?

I do breed Lao Tzu and Blue and I plan on breeding Dusit and Sweet Potato and Baby Girl as soon as the girls are old enough. Right now they are still just a bit too young.

What is your least favorite part of betta fish husbandry?

My least favorite part of fish keeping is water maintenance. Between the water changes and actually keeping the balance good, and with CO2 injection it just gets that much harder.

Thank you to Mark for participating in this Owner Spotlight, and it was a pleasure meeting him and his bettas. If you have any questions for Mark, please drop them in the comments below. If you’re interested in sharing your own story and your bettas, please use the contact page or reach out on social!

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