Good fish names for red Betta

July 14, 2017
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Click here if you know your fish is a female.
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There is more about embellishing the names of your pet fish just below on this page.

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Embellishing Fishy Names I have a wonderful male so-called Red Zebra. Red Zebras are not red, the best ones are persimmon orange. That color gave me the idea of naming him Percival, which was a good name for him, and I've always like him a lot.

One day he got into a huge fight with a much bigger OB Zebra. The fight went on for a long time, and it looked like Percy would loose. But after several hours he put on a tremendous finish and won the fight. Immediately I embellished his name by renaming him Percival the Brave. His picture is just below.

More about Names So you can embellish the names of your fish. A friend had a male black fish, and when small, he was named Blackie. Later he became Mr. Blackstone, and in his old age he was known as Sir Blackstone. Everyone laughed at that name and it was all great fun.

You could also embellish names with Junior, Senior, Mr., Mrs., Miss, PeeWee, and "The Honorable". You might come up "The Honorable PeeWee Jones", if your name is Jones, and you want to include this fish in your family. It seems to be best if there is a natural connection to somebody, or some event, or some characteristic of the fish.

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