Siamese fighting fish Mating

January 11, 2019
Past Research

For the serious hobbyist, breeding Siamese fighting fish can be one of the most rewarding tasks that can be accomplished. Spawning is not very difficult. The natural habitat of the Betta Fish are the rice paddies of South East Asia. Water quality and oxygen supply is often low. The fish is even know to survive in the mud for a short while.

Male Betta Guarding His Nest Because of it's origin the Fish is not so difficult to breed

This means the fish in not very demanding, but in order to breed it successfully, two things are very important. Water Temperature and Food.

The Betta finds it good practice to spawn when food is plenty and that usually is the case in the high temperature season. My experience is that around 85F works best. And keeping their habitat in mind the water level should be somewhere between 5 - 6 Inch.

Don't frustrate the males bubble nest construction efforts with a strong water flow

Spawning and especially the whole ritual before can be rather violent. Never allow to male betta's in one tank unless its a very big one.

But to start off lets take a look at the equipment needed to be successful

You will need a cycled breeding tank, with a glass chute for a temporary cell for the female. This tank also needs a sponge filter and a submersible heater.

A grow out tank for your young fry, once they are old enough to be moved will be necessary. Many people like to use a 55 gallon tank. This tank also needs to be cycled, and have a working filter and heater.

You will also need to have a brine shrimp hatchery, or a micro worm culture, so that you can feed your young fry once they are ready to be fed live food.

Separate Male and Female

As breeding Siamese fighting fish is a violent affair, your fish need to be in the best health possible in order to safely survive their love affair. The male will chase the female and even attack her at times. Separation is perfect for their physical health.

Right before you plan on mating your fish, you will need to introduce both fish to the breeding tank, with the female separated in the glass chute so the male can see her.

The males bubble nest

Once he has produced a bubble nest, and the female has vertical bars, you can release the female and let the Siamese fight fish mating begin.

After your the Betta fish spawning has taken place, the final step in breeding Siamese fighting fish is to remove the female. The male will take care of guarding the nest and eggs.

Once the fry have hatched and are free swimming, you will then need to remove the male. After that, you simply need to care for your fry and ensure they have a chance to grow healthy and strong.

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