No clean Betta fish tank

November 20, 2019
NoClean Aquariums™

David Turover and Craig Wenger pooled their knowledge of fish and physics to create the ultimate underwater environment: a self-cleaning aquarium that doesn’t have any plugs, batteries, or filters to change.

David came up with the idea for a self-cleaning aquarium because he was tired of the effort it took to keep his fish tanks clean. He teamed with fellow fish fan Craig, and the two friends got to work engineering a system

that would allow fish to thrive while making maintenance quick and painless.

The result, dubbed the Self-Cleaning Betta Fish Aquarium, is a simple, minimalist environment that showcases the flowing fins and vibrant colors of Betta fish. Also known as “fighting fish, ” Betta fish are hardy, low-maintenance and don’t require a filter or bubbler to oxygenate the water. All you need to create a healthy home for a Betta fish is the self-cleaning aquarium, rocks, water conditioner, food, plants (live or artificial), and optional LED lighting.

So how does it work? Aquarium waste naturally settles on the bottom of the tank and gets trapped in a special reservoir beneath the rocks. To remove the waste, simply pour in clean water. The clean water expels the waste up a tube and out of the aquarium (the nutrient-rich waste water can be used as fertilizer for house plants). You don’t have to remove the fish or plants from the aquarium to change the water, which is easier for you and less traumatic for the fish than conventional tank-cleaning methods.

It’s minimal work for maximum underwater enjoyment.

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