Royal blue Betta

July 5, 2020
Royal blue Betta | by M

The Sire is royal blue based black lace HMPK was bred by my friend Eugenio Fornasiero from Italy. This male became first placed in the M2 - Asymmetrical HMPK Male AOC class at the Holland Betta Show 2015. He has a nice strong body with good balanced finnage. The caudal is nice in size and has a good D-shape with long outer rays. The anal has a good trapezoid shape with a nice gradual slope. The dorsal is uniform rounded and nicely directed forward in the fron. Ideally the base could have been a bit more voluminous with a broader base. The ventrals have a great shape and volume with nice single tips. The Dame is steel blue HMPK with a nice long body with a smooth topline and very nice balanced finnage (nice D-shaped caudal fin, broad-based dorsal and parallel anal fin).
With this cross I hope to fix the strong bodies, smooth topline and balanced finnage. The offspring (F1) likely will be darkbody royal blue and steel blue with a chance of black lace fish and marbles to pop up.

The Dame is also Mother of: and

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