Water for Bettas

November 28, 2018
PRODIBIO Betta / Bett Activ

1)- Use at least ½ gal jars, preferably 1 gal. The more the water the less the pollution.

2)- Do not let uneaten food rot in jar.

3)- Do not overfeed!!

4)- FULL water changes once a week. For 1/4 jars, full water changes every 3 days.

5)- Make sure clean water had same PH, TEMPERATURE than the old water.

6)- Use a digital thermometer or your finger to make sure the temperature of the water in the jar and the new water you will be replacing it with are the SAME.

7)- Do not use gravel. Worms hide in it and bettas can’t eat them later. Also uneaten food cannot be easily spotted and removed.

8)- A live plant is good, but only if it is healthy. A plant rotting will POLUTE the jar.

9)- Be gentle when handling bettas during water changes.

10)- Use soft net.

11)- Remember to not use the same net for healthy bettas and sick ones!!

12)- If a betta looks like it “may” be sick, do not use your healthy betta net to net him.

13)- Disinfect nets after each water changes (weekly). Use a solution of Formalin3 (by Kordon) or any other fish net disinfectant. Ask your local pet store to recommend a product and to tell you in what proportion you should mix it. Let your nets dip in there for a day. Then RINCE WELL and use again. I make a new solution every time I dip nets.

14)- Disinfect in the same way the jar of any betta suspected sick before using it for another betta.

15)- Wash your hands EVERY TIME you handle a sick fish or its jar.

16)- Last, but not least COVER YOUR JARS!!! Bettas do jump! You can use transparency sheet (for computers) to cover up to 6 jars at a time. It is easier at feeding time to have access to your jars that way.

Source: www.bettatalk.com
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