Betta fish Aquarium salt

September 5, 2020
Betta Fish Aquarium Care

Can i use sea salt instead of aquarium salt to treat my betta fish who has a little fin rot?

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No. Sea salt contains many minerals hat can harm fish. It has to be 100% sodium chloride with absolutly nothing else. Most fin rot is caused by poor water conditions. Do you have a heater & filter? What size is the tank? What are your ammonia, nitrIte and nitrAte readings? It is best to find the root cause of the problem before treatment so you can be sure you are medicating properly.

Thanks for the reply. My betta fish already had fin rot when I got him at the pet store. I have a 10 gallon tank, with a filter and a heater. I've already had him for a week, hoping the fin rot would go away on it's own, but I think it has only got worse.

How is the ammonia, nitrIte and nitrAtes? Ammonia and nitrIte need to be 0ppm and nitrAtes below 40ppm. Most pet stores will test aquarium water for free or you can buy a that kit. Liquid tests are the most accurate. If you have a pet shop test it ask for actual numbers not just 'it's good' or 'perfect'. Clean healthy water is usually all that is needed to clear fin rot. You can do 25% water changes every day and a high protein diet for your fish to help increase fin regrowth. New Life Spectrum is an excellent pellet food and bloodworms as a treat 2-3 times a week will improve your fish's health as well. If he still doesn't improve then you can add 1 tsp. of salt per gallon of water. It must be 100% sodium chloride with nothing else. Make sure to pre dissolve the salt in a cup of aquarium water before adding it to the tank and replace any salt that is removed during water changes. Only treat with salt for 10 days. Any longer can be harmful. Salt can only be removed by water changes once you're done with treatment.

Story made short: Now, if you were explained well that Aquarium salt can cause harm if used too much, then you get some Stress Coat or Betta Revive as these products are Betta Friendly and don't stuff up their labyrinth organ.

Are the pH levels okay? They should be at least 7.0+ and 8.6- and if it's way higher than that, introduce some pills and introduce the lowered pH water a few teaspoons each time you partially change the water at least 30% or half the size of the tank. *Betta Fish can adapt to high or low p.H, if the Betta seems triggered by the p.H level, do something about it.*
I hope this helps, and at least give a thumbs up to Goldibug as she explained the Ammonia and Aquarium salt very well.

An alternative way is to place betta in shallow bowl, scissor off rotten fin with manicure scissors. They do not feel this. It is always a huge success, with fish swimming happily. The fins grow back healthy and strong.

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