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December 30, 2021
Thanks a lot to whoever takes

By Laura - -

Love this medicine. Our Beta got stuck in a feature, which tore its fins & scratched its back. We emptied 1\2 the water (to make it 5gal instead of 10) followed the directions for 10 days. Our Beta healed quickly- its color returned from pale, reenergized (was very lethatgic\ traumatic shock) repaired its back & made the torn fins close nicely.

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals BettaFix Remedy works well if you catch the symptoms early -

My betta was starting to get some fin rot and behavior was more lethargic than normal. You need to watch your fish. While this works wonders if you catch your fish exhibiting these behaviors early, it really works. It's not a miracle cure. I always keep my little betta in a 4-5 gallon tank. Follow the directions, and change the water more frequently. Since my water system uses chlorine in the tap water, I just boil the water for my water changes and the chlorine should evaporate. The Aquarium Pharmaceuticals BettaFix Remedy is natural and contains tea tree oil. It does have that smell and I make sure I mix it in right. I lightened the dosage after the second water change and my little buddy seems to be doing great.

1 of 1 people found the following review helpfulMy fish died so can't say it worked but don't know if I started too late? Just My Opinion -

I don't know if this truly works because my betta has pop eye and about 4 days in he took a turn for the worst and died the next morning. Sad. But I guess it is a part of life.

It says to not clean the water for a few days but I regret doing that, I should have kept his water clean and maybe it would have been better. Don't know. Has a strong scent since it is an oil (tea tree) but not bad.

Hope others have a better experience with this. Didn't work for us. =(

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By J. Herbold -

Our betta was doing very poorly and had not eaten for several days. One of his fins was in bad shape and he had to lean on the side of the tank to stay afloat. Within a day of adding this to his tank we saw a change, and less than a week later he is back to his old self - eating and his fin has recovered. It is amazing to say the least.

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