Sick Betta fish

March 9, 2016
Sick Betta Fish - Nasa s

My betta fish is sick. He has barely eaten for several weeks and is laying at the bottom on his side, but I see his gills moving so he's not dead. He's in a 5 gallon tank with a filter and a heater - tested the water and all is good. Yesterday I moved him into a breeding compartment so he doesn't have to go so far to breathe at the top. I put a small silk plant in the compartment with him so he can lay on a lear or hide. There are no outward signs of disease other than his fading color and his behavior. Any ideas?

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Have you been doing weekly partial water changes with temperature matched and conditioned water?

Do you have a liquid test kit for testing water parameters, instead of paper strips? Liquid ones like API are more accurate.

How long was the tank been set up before the Betta was introduced? Talking about was it cycled?

Answering these questions could help.

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Hi. Yes on the water changes - conditioned temp matched, etc. I use the API liquid test kit. Tank is cycled and was cycled prior to adding the fish. I've had the fish for 9 months. He used to be really active and suddenly is ill.

I have had mine for 8 months and he was doing really well. He didnt have a heater or a filter. I have been feeding him the Topfin pellets. We went on vacation for about 5 days and when we came back he wasnt doing well. He is a male half moon betta. We bought him from petsmart. Please help I dont want him to die

Betta fish do better without a filter. Filters cause too much water movement and can stress the fish. Betty's are gentle swimmers and a filter gives off a strong current, constantly fighting to swim against this current can cause depression and stress. They are used to murky and kit so great water conditions. So cleaning the tank yourself would be sufficient (no chemicals or soaps whatsoever) They are hardy fish and survivors so they instinctively continue eating for survival. When your Berta stops eating altogether it is a sign that it's condition has gotten too bad for him to even eat. I would check your water take out the filter so he can move around more more freely and water temp should be 75-80 degrees. Also be sure he is getting a complete and balanced Bettas fish food

Shanmarie- All fish require filters.. bettas just prefer to have a slow flowing filter and need a sponge filter so their fins don't get torn.

Getting him to eat is the most important at the getgo, if he wont eat he wont heal. I would get a small turkey baster like tool and suck up some thawed blood worms and bring them right to him so he doesn't have to expend energy to swim to them.
I'm not really sure what could be wrong with him if you don't see any thing on his body. Could you post a picture?
In the meantime I would purchase some vitachem (fish vitamins) and do daily 10% water changes.

I do not use filters with my Bettas. small very small sponge filter on fry tank. Bettas do not like moving water especially the males. If he isnt eating try live worms they are attracted to the actual movement. you can try Betta spa, add salt treatment, and IAL (indian Almond Leave). sounds like he is week and he needs to get his strength back. feed him 3 times a day once you find what he will eat readily, small amounts. BBS are good too but living, using frozen is ok but please thaw completely first. make sure temp is 78-80 while he is recovering.

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Mustangtess, this post is over 12 months old and I think the situation has been resolved by now. Please check the date on the original post before replying, thanks

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