Care of Betta fish

September 15, 2018
How to care for a betta fish

A male veil tail Betta splendens flaring. Photo by BettaSmart

So you or someone you know has decided that a Betta fish is needed in life. Perhaps this will be new ownership or perhaps the fish has been in possession for quite some time. Yet, there is always the lingering question: Is this really how to take care of Betta fish? Regardless of age, experience, or number of fish owned, Betta fish pet keepers are often guilty of becoming susceptible to the myths and misconceptions about Betta fish care.A male Betta splendens flaring. Photo by BettaSmart And who can blame them? There is so much incorrect information spread by pet stores and product manufacturers, not to mention from ill-informed Betta keepers themselves, that is it hard to avoid making mistakes at one point or another. But some mistakes are worse than others and some of the worse mistakes are the most common. Let’s start with the least harmful to most harmful of the top five most common (and deadly) Betta fish care mistakes.

5. Discomfort Zone: Acclimation Deprivation

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