Betta care Sheet

April 9, 2019
Aprils Aquarium


  • Bettas are tropical fish. Your Betta's tank should be kept between 74 and 80°F. A BettaTherm® Mini Size Betta Bowl Heater will help maintain proper temperatures in your Betta's Bowl.
  • It is important to keep your Betta's water clean. Do partial water changes once a week to keep your fish healthy.
  • Be sure to use a water conditioner such as Zoo Med's Betta H2O Conditioner to remove chlorine and chloramines from tap water.


  • Bettas are "lazy" fish that spend a great deal of the day "laying around". A Betta Leaf Hammock provides a resting place near the surface of the water for your Betta.
  • Bettas are territorial fish and should never be housed together. The sight of another Betta will trigger the fish to put on a threat display. He will flare out his fins and "dance" back and forth showing off his fins. A Betta Exercise Mirror allows your Betta to practice this natural behavior for a few moments a day.
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