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May 3, 2018
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Siamese Fighting Fish, BettaAre You Taking Proper Care of Your Betta? Nobody gets into fishkeeping with the aim to neglect or poorly care for their fish. Indeed, quite the opposite is true!

Being the caring animal lovers we are, we want to provide a happy and fulfilling life for our fish, to the very best of our abilities. Sadly, though, for one of our most commonly kept pet fish, this isn’t always achieved. Despite most people’s good intentions, the care they provide for their Betta often sorely misses the mark.

There is so much misinformation, so many myths and a wealth of outdated information on the web regarding the proper care of betta fish, that when doing a basic search for guidance, it’s easy to find believable information and just run with it.

However, this can be a mistake that costs your bettas health and quality of life dearly. To clear up some common misconceptions and set you on the right path to proper betta care, we’ve been invited by to share their betta care infographic with you.

The Betta Fish Care Infographic starts with some background information on the origin of bettas, their expected lifespan and natural habitat. It then moves on to discuss proper aquarium setup and care including:

  1. Proper tank size – a heavily discussed topic that many get wrong.
  2. Water condition.
  3. Lighting.
  4. Filtration.
  5. Substrate to use.
  6. Acceptable ornaments and plants.
  7. Compatible tankmates.
  8. Cleaning requirements.
  9. …and more besides.

This betta care infographic is a handy cheat sheet that will benefit beginner betta keepers the most, but will likely hold some surprises for more experienced keepers as well. It will help you make better choices quickly, when it comes to caring for your Betta.

Do you have any lesser-known betta care tips you feel people really ought to know? Share your tips and tricks with others by simply signing up on and join in!

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Contributing Author Brian Hamilton has been a fish enthusiast since a child and although only a ‘hobby fish keeper, ’ over the years he has had more tanks and breeds of fish than he could care to mention. There’s not a lot he hasn’t studied, tried, tested and learnt from over the decades and now he likes to share his knowledge by posting on and other pet related sites around the web.

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