Purple fighting fish

February 16, 2019
Betta Fighting Fish Holiday

We are generation 2 breeder in Thailand. We associate fighter betta since child. We are seller in Thailand long time shipping all province in country. We breeding fighter betta with champion bloodline arena for very good fighter good bloodline and for good result. Although We breeding fish with champion bloodline arena but We also test fish every time before sell for very good fish only. We are player as well so We understand fish customer need and want to sell most good fish for customer as well.

We shipping worldwide. USA shipment every sunday, one time per month for country have transhipper and EMS ( Express Mail Service ) in Asia. Other country contact me please

In Thailand arena We compared fish with size of the fish. So if needs weigh before send let me know please We will weighing with digital scales for make sure weigh fish and send to you.

We check information about fighter betta worldwide long time and confident our fighter betta can fight sure since small match - Big match. Good fish Good training Good result LaLa...

Source: www.plakatpro.com
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