​Application of Aluminum Profiles: Narrow Frame Sliding Door Series

November 29, 2022

The younger generation nowadays has a distinctive perspective due to the gradual pursuit of life aesthetics. It is necessary for interior design to match the style of doors and windows. The exceedingly narrow frame sliding door is visible to everyone in the little dwelling. In contrast to the conventional glass sliding door, JAPI extremely thin frame sliding door is "very narrow" rather than just "extremely narrow." JAPI incredibly slim sliding door frame defies the usual perception of bulkiness while still incorporating a modern, luxurious, light texture. It has consistently been the pinnacle of the design and research trend .

JAPI extremely narrow frame sliding door profile templates, small space and large pattern create different vision and beauty!

The installation of extremely narrow sliding doors has the following advantages:

(1) The kitchen will feel more large and your vision will be less restricted. This will lessen your feelings of depression.

(2) The balcony has a small frame fitted with a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside. Release drowsiness, depression, and pleasure as you are feeling.

(3) A simple yet stylish minimalist light luxury look. closer to the younger generation's requirements for experience and aesthetics.

(4) The small frame enhances indoor brightness and provides good daylighting. Inside, there is a lot of sunlight, which makes the space brighter and happier.

Application of extremely narrow frame sliding door:

Separate restaurant and kitchen

In the small house type, the most tense space is the kitchen and restaurant. No one wants the oil fume to string everywhere. At this time, an extremely narrow frame sliding door can be the most effective oil fume separation problem.

1.Separate the study from the living room

The study is the most quiet place. No one wants to be disturbed when reading and working. Therefore, a very narrow frame sliding door with sound insulation effect is the first choice, which can effectively block all sounds outside the study.

2.Separate bedroom and bathroom

A very narrow frame sliding door is installed in the toilet, which can not only produce the dynamic and static dry and wet separation effect, but also effectively make full use of the reasonable space.

3.Separate balcony and interior

If there is a large balcony in the house type design, the extremely narrow frame sliding door can be selected, which not only maintains the permeability of the overall space, but also meets the separation needs of different spaces. It also has the effect of sound insulation and heat insulation.

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