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May 28, 2018
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“What should I name my betta fish?” This can be a dilemma of a choice and the name needs to suit your fish’s personality. What is that perfect name though? It’s probably bugging you to the max because that perfect name is at the tip of your tongue but you just can’t say it right?

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Below is a cool list of fish names brought by I had to share it since I was getting asked to post a guide on betta names.

Don’t stress yourself out too much because the fish knows that its name will come to you with time. We’ve shared some of the most popular fish names out there that are very entertaining. Some of them are going to make you giggle and others you may scratch your head about. We don’t take credit for thinking of these but instead want to place proper credit on the source in which we found them. has these shared as the most popular fish names. Why not utilize it for betta fish I thought.

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I have 24 Bettas, it is more like a fish hospital. Some are bought healthy from Petco and PetSmart, some are saved from an unhealthy conditions.

1. Oldest one– blue-green V -tail male — NAME-POTBELLY, because I was not using research to feed him, feed him a lot for 6 months, i don’t know how he survived without an boiled pea at all, only kept water toxin free most of the time.

Then I researched and addicted to love them and saved them one by one from Feb 2014 until now.

2. CHESS–Half moon Male — Black/white — – extraordinary half moon creator, but not good in follow direction, neither a bully aggressive. He can flare to others but not very often, Quiet guy, but loves food, but not lazy.

3. LAVA—Red Silver Half moon — – seems like always cursing us not to give him food all the time. Very hyperactive, so burn energy well. With severe hyperactivity and flaring can scare others well.

4. FIRE– Blue-Silver-Red Half moon — – best competitor and friend (playful or fighting!!!) of LAVA — similar character.

5. SAPPHIRE–Blue-green-red Crown tail- — active, food loving, moderately bully and playful with structures and trees, adaptive too.

6. GALAPIZ– Black-red Double tail Halfmoon — — mixture of garnet and dark lapiz color, more black shade of blue. Funny, active, good follow direction skill, adaptive, playful. moderately bully, but makes half moon quite often than others.

7. PLATINUM — dark slate blue color half moon — good dancer, face mouth up vertically, wiggle fins and dances, funny, active, adaptive.

8. RUNNER — shiny turquoise with shade of red — Halfmoon plakat– he is still a baby, but runs all the time, for last one month I see him sometimes resting and looking for food.

9. URANIUM — Blue Dumbo ear Crowntail — sometimes super busy-runs with speed of light, sometimes just taking oxygen, still a baby.

10. QUIET PEA– peach-green shade delicate half moon — he was partially traumatized, when first came, did not eat for days, God instructed me to buy him, so I can’t return. Finally I researched and introduced boiled pea to him. Since then everybody gets pea once a week or once in 12 days etc. Can flare others, still a little shy, but comes to me and follows directions well.

fish-names-433x50011. CATALINE — blue-red dragonscale looking halfmoon –he was partially traumatized, when first came, he is still a scared introvert guy, but can flare new guys too. Love camouflaging.

12. QUIET CORN: Yellow delta tail — he is active, hungry, playful, curious and does follow directions, can show his black beard time to time.

13. CARDINAL– red-white halfmoon — came normal, strong black bread, great bully, even to bully to my 9 year old son. Had swim bladder disease one day suddenly, got better within 2 hours, since then I keep him in shallow water, but this did not stop his bullying attitude.

14. AQUA ICE — blue white butterfly half moon — great bully, but only bully other fish — adaptive, playful, active.

15. RAINBOW–blue-red-black double tail half moon– he is baby, but flares, looks for fod in the bottom, rest over the tree, looks himself and flares also, active and playful.

16. SMOEY — smoky black with red tail half moon — he is baby, but flares, looks for fod in the bottom, rest over the tree, looks himself and flares also, active and playful. But he is more introvert and scared than RAINBOW.

17. ROSY — Pink blue half moon – very adaptive, survived from floor and cabinet after jumping.
Active- food searcher and follows directions well, uses arch structure to play, even follow directions to go through it.

18. ROHO — red female crowntail– active and hungry all the time, still a baby, wants attention.
19. MARBLE– blue pink crowntail female baby- surviving 5 months — active and hungry– more introvert and shy than Roho.

20. EMERALD — Dark green halfmmon — makes nice halfmoon like Platinum, but had breeding issues, can’t see directly, bends and see, can’t chew or swallow or pick up foods. He gets food when it’s all wet and he breaks all thorough the day and eats. But at the end of the day the plate is super clean.

21. MUNSHELL — turquise green double tail — baby still trying to make half moon — active, happy and good eater, but for some reason is not growing much.
22. PEACOCK – A new addition – blue-black-red Rose tail halfmoon – almost dying when I brought him home. He survived through infections and swim bladder disease, eventually passed a stone looking poop. Now flaring CATALINE and had a big mirror fight, which was extraordinary to see for 15 minutes, then I put paper wall between them. Still swim while wiggling, I think he also had breeding defect, can’t see me until tilts his head sidewise, then makes himself straight again., mostly wiggles, rather swimming, just like EMERALD.
23. SILVERCORAL – exatly a mixture of bluish silver and coral red double tail halfmoon—introvert guy, loves camouflaging, but happy and building bubble nest. I take pride in taking good care of these fish.
24. BUBBLER – When came was so happy built a bubble nest immediately, but with last change of 100 % water, he is kind of sick, very lethargic, although eating, mostly floating, not swimming, but didn’t have bulgy stomach either. He is currently under Pimafix treatment – probably improving. Very shy guy, hiding in trees, probably water change shocked him.

Thank you…if you like, you can comment.

As a newby i made a mistake on my first name for my betta. I went with Betty. then found out it was a male. OOPS. Time for a much more appropriate name. Was talking to one of my customers and when I mentioned my problem, her 5 year old daughter immediately piped in and said “Finnie”. She was so cute and absolute about it. And the name fit. Until my wife heard the choice. She had to adapt it a little bit. Now I have a sign on my desk introducing everyone to my little guy. Hucklebetta Finnie.

My fish first name is boo and middle is boo so when he in trouble it booboo

What happens if I have 15 betta fish in one tank and can’t remember which one is which? I really do have that many betta in my tank though and my poor daughter tries to name each of them but forgets which one is which. They are females of course so nobody get too anxious about males being together.

I had a lot of issues naming my male betta just because it seemed like every name I liked just didn’t suit him. Maybe that sounds stupid but I’m a big believer in a name suiting a person or animal that holds it. I wound up naming him Andy and it suits him just perfect. Sometimes you just have to have your fish for a week before you name it just to see what it’s traits are like.

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