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February 15, 2021
Baby betta fish by

It’s a causality dilemma that has bemused all of us in this office as he seems to have been around since the big bang of TopBetta many a year ago.

He is one of our veteran players, and you will often see him pop up in the Sledge-Box giving it to all and sundry or helping the newbies out with their questions.

Always willing to offer advice about the site or telling everyone he knows or meets about how good TopBetta is.

When we start rolling out our fleet of TopBetta mobile gaming trucks, expect to see the turkeyguzler behind the wheel, spreading the TopBetta gospel around the country!

So, let’s see what he has to say for himself:

NAME: Craig Smith aka ‘Turkeyguzler.’

AGE: 48 (we reckon he’s had a tough life…)

FROM: Newcastle, NSW.


JOINED TOPBETTA: Being left off the field in our Under 11’s Soccer Grand Final replay until a couple of minutes to go, even though we were 10-nil up. Broke my heart and ruined my ‘career.’ I blame that for me now being an ‘armchair’ expert.

FAV HORSE AND WHY: : win lose or draw it always gave you a sight for your money. I had a soft spot for the old mighty Super Impose too. No matter how far back he got he was always “still a chance!”

BIGGEST WIN ON THE PUNT: Probably my biggest for the smallest outlay was the year Pinker Pinker won the Cox Plate and it p_ssed down for the last race and the biggest roughie — Ocean Journey — won the last leg of the quaddie and paid $55. I had it for around 2% for a mere $10 and it paid approximately $48000. KA-CHING! A grand for ten bucks.

WHAT DO YOU PLAY? My favourite tourneys are by far the . In my opinion, it takes a bit more skill to win rather than just incessantly rebuying until you hit one. It’s nerve wracking when you have hit a couple early and have no bets left and are a sitting duck at the top of the leaderboard, watching closely to see if anyone catches you. Of course, the big cash tourneys are good too, but I can’t compete with the fellas that seem to have access to their wive’s credit cards to keep rebuying!

Not sure how to play a TopBetta Tournament? Check out the video below.

WHY TOPBETTA?: Topbetta is not only a great way to have a punt but is also a great social platform for meeting new people with similar interest, via the , which includes the Sledge-Box where you can chat to one another.

I have met a great bunch of fellas on here from all over Australia and we have formed a group on Facebook and already had two ‘get together race weekends’ where some of us have travelled to meet up, just to put names to the faces and banter.

We met in Sydney and the Gold Coast which were both great weekends and have gained some real friends for life. We’ve recently got a joint bank account going and are going to invest in a racehorse (which has always been a dream of mine) which, without getting to know these guys through TopBetta, would still just be a dream.

FAVOURITE ALL TIME TB MOMENT: I cannot remember for the life of me the horses name but, again on a bog track, I backed the last winner at Brissie one Saturday last year and it paid $184 for the win.

TIPS FOR NEWBIES: Make sure you keep an eye on those around you on the leaderboard. Once you are in a Tournament you can click on their username to see what bets they have placed.

I have won many a tournament by noticing that a certain player sits back towards the end of the comp if they are winning. It’s a great time to take a gamble and go ‘all-in’ and sneak that win!

Also, some players go hard at the start and shove all their Bettabucks onto a horse, in the hope that they jag a good win to get ahead. Not my style, but it can work.

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