Halfmoon Betta

November 2, 2020
Turquoise Halfmoon Betta

The story for this fish tank review begins in May of 2012…


In May of 2012, my roommate and I decided to get a pet together. We took a trip to our local pet shop and decided that we wanted a betta. But first we had to get a tank before we could take one home (although we already had our sights on one particular red one with a lot of spunk).

We ended up going to another store where we purchased a Tetra Half Moon Bubbling LED Aquarium Kit. After we brought it home, set it up, and made sure everything was just right, we went back to the pet shop and picked up the little red guy that had caught our attention before.

Although we eventually upgraded our boy (and others) to larger tanks, here is how I feel about the Tetra Half Moon Bubbling LED Aquarium Kit as a betta home:

The Video Review

Click HERE for the video review.


  • The Tetra Half Moon Bubbling LED Aquarium Kit is 3 gallons, which is a decent size for a single betta and several decorations. I have easily fit various decorations into the tanks to help my fish feel sheltered and safe. Although I state that 3 gallons is the perfect size for a betta in the video, most people (including myself) actually recommend 5 gallons or more. I was simply referring to 3 gallons being ideal because it’s more than the recommended tank size minimum of 2.5 gallons.
  • The fish tank includes a filter, a filter cartridge, tubing, connector valves, an aerator, as well as a bubble disk with built-in LED lights (that I forgot to mention in the video above).
  • The filter and bubble disk are easy enough to adjust for varying strengths. This is important since bettas do not like strong currents or major surface agitation.
  • Since the aquarium is a halfmoon design, it easily fits onto many surfaces (in fact, as seen in the video, I had two tanks placed back-to-back on an end table with bristol board between them).
  • The price is decent for what you get.
  • The lid is clear and has an opening for feeding. The lid also has two more openings for the filter and a fish tank heater (not included). With the filter in place, the remaining gap is small enough that your fish should not be able to jump out. The gap for the heater is only tiny enough for a wire to go through.
  • The fish tank is small and easy enough to carry around (once you empty it completely of water, of course).
Source: iantojonesthebetta.tumblr.com
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