Why is my Betta not eating?

June 23, 2017
My Betta Fish Is Lethargic And

AGH> You visited my website too late. Well, too late to avoid a BIG mistake such as this one, that is. but it may not be too late for your fish :)

I have a BIG issue with pet stores and fish stores: They are happy to take your money (chichink) and have no problem sending the pet home with someone, not knowing if the person has a clue as to how to care for it. I wonder whether there should be a test someone takes before they are allowed to take a fish/pet home. Sorta like getting your driver's license, you'd get your fish owner license LOL. Think about it. It might sound 'silly' but it makes a lot of sense. Especially with fish! There is so much to know and not much can be left to improvisation without the fish dying. How many fish have been lost due to ignorance? Believe me, I have done my share of damage when I first started buying fish many many many (well, too many to mention without blushing LOL) years ago. Granted when you go back to the fish store and tell them about your dead or dying fish, they will help you (or try), but would it not be much easier (and I am sure the zillion of 'killered' fish would say AMEN to this from their fishie heaven above) to ask a few questions to the potential buyer just to assess their fishabilities FIRST? I myself find myself rambling on and on about how to care for the fish and giving people a 10 page long lists of "make sure to..." and "warning, if you..." and "never ever do..". Just last Saturday I dropped off some bettas to a local customer. Mr.181 was with me. He heard me going on and on (and on) with my list of recommendations (like an over protective mother seeing her children to a summer camp LOL). Once done, I hopped back in my car and he said: " Man, you went on and on and on" LOL. Well, better SAFE than sorry! For example when I send fish to people, I always include a full info package on how to acclimate the fish properly, what to do, what not to do, how to deal with any otential problems etc... This way the customer is educated and aware. He/she can now proceed safely. Bettas are happy. People are happy. I am happy. Everybody is happy, and we all lived happily ever after and had many children LOL. Well, the bettas, that is LOL.

OK now back to your sad story. I am not sure your fish is still alive today since your email was sent a few days ago. But I will attempt to give you some info you might find useful in dealing with your poisoned fish:

  • Always treat tap water before using it, preferably about a day before using it. Well, you already know that. But I wanted to let many of you know that it is best to let the water conditioners marinate and the water age a bit for a day or so. If you don't wait that long, it won't kill the betta, but the bettas will be happier if you do. So there you go.
  • Untreated tap water can kill your betta. That is a known fact. Never EVER use tap water unless it has been treated first. For complete info on this see my
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