My Betta fish wont eat

November 14, 2020
Betta fish wont eat or swim

Hi there! Weve noticed the last couple of days that our betta wont eat and is staying at the bottom of his bowl. We have only had him since spring..we clean out the bowl weekly (or close to) as suggested by the store. Not sure whats wrong...

Sorry to hear that. You said bowl. What size is that? They do best in a 5-10 gal tank with a filter and a heater. They like a steady 80F.

They can survive in a bowl for awhile but they're not enjoying it.

If you could get a liquid test kit that would immediately tell you when there was a water problem.

Hmm...we were told to keep it in a bowl, that they dont require a filter etc etc..and keep the water at 72 degrees! And I have been extremely careful to keep water at exactly 72..oh man. Also his fins seem heavy? Almost stuck together at the ends and shriveled sort of if that makes any sense? I have had a bamboo stick in there since I brought him home (they told me it would put o2 in t he bowl and help it live longer..

You can!
i think you can cycle your tank with him.
Atleast uncycled tank is better than those tiny bowls right? With water changes and a little attention you can take him through the cycle

Here seachems prime water conditioner helps you alot while taking him through the cycle.. it detoxifies the ammonia for 48hours.
If you have a already established tank .take a cup gravel from established tank and add it to your new tank .this way it cycles much faster.

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