Betta fish depression

April 4, 2020
Had cheap fish supplies

I had to down size to small tanks due to having to move to a different place to live. I thought I would try a Betta again. Bad past exp 7 yrs ago with sick Betta. Have 10 yrs experience in fish. As you all know the sm tropical fish have short life spans. So, I have 2 bettas currently and a few white clouds separate. 1 out of all the fish has been sick for the last 2 months or longer. Lost track. I have been given good advice and do not want to discuss more fish treatment plans. I realize this is un avoidable and will happen when you own pets. This always makes me depressed and stressed. I also have 2 indoor cats middle aged 1 with unknown allergies and the other one diabetic. I have been debating to get out of fish keeping all together. Should I? One part of me is to stressed to deal with it in my little Rv and another part won't let me give them away and give up. Advice plz. If I could find someone I trust I would like to give them to a good home. It's just I have not found anyone.

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