Betta fish longevity

April 6, 2020
Betta Fish Longevity

Information on the life cycle and expected life span of Cichlid fish kept in captivity.

Sept. 22, 2011 - - The life of a betta fish is two to six years and this fact is universally agreed by both scientists and breeders alike. Two to three years is good and three to six years is considered legendary. And as an owner, you want to stretch the life span of your betta fish all the more. And why not – betta fish are one of the most colourful and recognized fish in the freshwater world.

Breeders usually feed their bettas with anabolic steroids and this steroid increases the lifespan of betta fish for 7 years. Nowadays, this is often practised. Some say, bettas can live longer than seven years and such record is considered exceptional already. There is this story of a man telling that his betta lived for 17 years and whether this is true or not, such story still gives you the motivation to take good care of your betta fish all the more.
Betta fish’s lifespan is affected by so many factors. One of which is the strain that your betta has. That’s why it is best not to buy your bettas from pet shops but from breeders because bettas that were bred properly and well taken care of usually last more than those who are not.

Bettas, when in their wild state, are not as colourful. In fact they look totally dull with a brownish green hue and they have smaller fins too. But for many centuries now in Siam, bettas have been selectively bred in order for them to have colourful fins and colourful patterns. Bettas now even have dramatic fin patterns which make them become more sought after and loved.

One factor that affects the lifespan of a betta fish is whether it has been used for breeding. Breeding and all that spawning can be quite taxing for a fish. Therefore, it also decreases their longevity.

If you also want to increase the lifespan of your betta, then you must also understand that space plays a huge factor in its lifespan. Some say, the more space there is for a betta, the better. And studies have proven that bettas who live in bigger tanks live longer than those who are being kept in small, contained jars. A large tank of 50 gallons would surely stretch the life of your betta fish. But not all people have the luxury to own tanks as big as that.

Bettas who live in fish bowls have a lifespan of two to three years. Betta fish are very territorial when it comes to their environment. Make sure that your betta fish gets sufficient exercise if you want to increase its lifespan. Another important factor to remember in increasing the life span of a betta fish is its diet. Bettas are carnivores and they would kill for mosquito larvae. But when in captivity, they would be happy if you feed them with frozen brine shrimps and bloodworms.

You must not also over feed your betta because if they become overweight, they have a very strong possibility of dying.

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