Betta fish mouth

June 29, 2020
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Rats stand and sit on a chair, some on the arm, some on the cushion. One rat walks under the chair and sits. Trainers used food treats to get the rats to achieve the action and look in various directions.

Several rats crawling on an end table jump off and leave. A trainer placed the rats on their marks and used a bait stick with food on the end to get the rats to look and jump down. Stuffed prop rats sat in for the live rats when the scene was being set up and rehearsed so that the rats were not too tired for filming.

As brides and grooms perform a musical number in the park, some dogs appear in the background, either on leashes or sitting on a park bench. These dogs, which were always on leashes, were with their owners, who doubled as the actors. The scene was filmed in a shady area of the park. A horse and carriage also appear in this scene. The carriage was a working carriage that routinely takes passengers around Central Park, so the horse was very accustomed to both people and the park. The outdoor set was closed off to the public and only necessary cast and crew were allowed in the park during filming.

The large aquarium that appears at Robert's (Dempsey) office was supplied and maintained by Aqua-Visions, who also provided an on-site representative knowledgeable about betta fish to be present during the filming of the scene. Princess Giselle (Adams) appears to take a fish from the top of the aquarium and put it in her mouth, walk over to a glass of water on a desk, and spit the fish into the glass. This scene was filmed in separate shots. The fish swimming in the aquarium were real. The one that the princess put in her mouth and spat out was a fake edible betta fish made by the prop department.

Pigeons enter Robert's apartment through a window and later are perched on a statue. These scenes were filmed in front of a green screen. A trainer released one pigeon from a release box. Another off-screen trainer cued the pigeon to fly to him. The statue was a prop placed on a secured platform. It was inspected by the trainer and the American Humane Animal Safety Representative before filming began. One trainer placed a pigeon on top of the prop while another trainer stood off-camera holding up a birdseed stick and some food to get the pigeon to look in various directions. This was repeated one at a time with other birds. Then in post-production, the birds were "cloned" by a computer to make it appear as if there were many of them. A pigeon later flies behind Nancy (Idina Menzel) when she is in Robert's apartment building. One off-screen trainer stood on one end of the hall, while another stood on the other end. As the actress was walking down the hallway, the bird was released from one trainer's hand and flew to the other trainer where it was retrieved.

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