Betta fish Secrets

April 6, 2021

Betta Fish Secrets better in If you really know How to Breed and take care of Betta fish. Betta fish Secret combination with humic acid. Humic acid maintains the acidity better than carbonic acid because carbonic acid fluctuates more with the metabolic action of the plants that are into eh tanks. In their natural habitats, humic acid comes from dead leaves, wood and other plant matter in the water. So, how do we get this in our aquariums? Easy.. you can circulate it through the peat filters or by adding liquid peat extract. Some other factors that affect the water are of course our fish.

Fish excrete ammonia. Ammonia can be found in the water from a variety of different sources. Decomposing animal proteins- fish food, dead snails, dead fish, feces and urine all create ammonia in the water. If you over feed your fish, you might be the main reason for high levels of ammonia. The unused food will fall to the bottom of the tank and create ammonia. Ammonia is poisonous even in low amounts.

Slightly acidic water will change the water to a less toxic ammonium. Here is a chart that demonstrates the ammonia and ammonium concentrations at different pH levels. pH % Ammonia % Ammonium 6 789 0 1 4 25 100 99 96 75 As long as the pH stays around 5.8 to 7, you fish will be safe from ammonia poisoning. An aquarium that is not cleaned for some time will have a high amount of debris food and the levels of nitrogen will be high. If you circulate is water through an acid-enhancing filter material such as peat, it will convert to ammonium and your fish will be fine.

This is the reason why when you decide to change the water in your tank after a long while, some of your fish die. It is because you have changed the environment and the pH in the aquarium has risen from the tap water.

When the ammonium rises, there is a change in the ammonia and the fish die from ammonia poisoning. Long gone are the days where people believe that fish can t handle the water change. Now, they are devices available to eliminating cloudily debris without the removing water. It is important to know that aged water means the aquarium has plants but no fish for several weeks.

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