Bettas and other fish

August 25, 2017

BETTA COMPATIBILITY WITH OTHER FISH (Guidelines for selecting companion fish for a community tank containing a male betta.)

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In March of 2005 I received an email from someone wanting to know which varieties of fish are compatible with male bettas in a community tank. Since I had never housed bettas with other fish I didn't know, so I spent an afternoon searching the Internet for information. The following is what I gleaned from dozens of different sites:

1. Only have one male betta in a tank to matter how large it is.

2. Avoid fish with long, wavy tails like bettas. The fin action will trigger the betta's attack response. Fan tail guppies and fancy goldfish are examples to avoid.

3. Select fish that are the same size as the betta and will not grow larger. (The betta may perceive small fish as food and larger fish might think the betta is food.)

4. Stay away from aggressive fish like barbs, danos, gouramis, angelfish and catfish.

5. Use as large a tank as possible with as few fish as possible to reduce interactions.

6. Provide plenty of rocks and plants to provide hiding places.

Follow these guidelines and you should be okay with having a male betta in a community tank. Good Luck!

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