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September 1, 2021
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Over the last several years, Fight Walmart Fish Cruelty (see ) has been raising awareness about the appalling conditions of live fish sold throughout the country and internationally at Walmart stores.

These live fish are being "managed" by low-paid workers with virtually no experience in the care and treatment of fish (or other animals).

Bettas are "shelved" like other products, with no ongoing care. Many (perhaps most) are doomed to a slow death as their water evaporates (and stagnates), their food isn't replenished, or suffocate when they are stacked on shelves with their lid air hole lids are blocked.

Fish in the aquariums at Walmarts are in tanks that are inadequately serviced or filtered, combined other breeds of fish that are incompatible, or in water conditions that are not appropriate for survival.

Workers responsible for the "fish department" have no training in their care (and are often simply the same people who manage nearby departments). We have spoken to dozens of these workers who are forced to take care of aquariums with no experience or training. We've seen workers changing aquariums with without treating the water to remove chlorine, tropical fish trying to survive in unheated tanks, long unfed fish living on the carcasses of dead ones. And, customers trying to save bettas literally laying on their sides because the water levels were so low by adding their own bottled drinking water.

In nearly all Walmarts that sell fish, you will find dead and dying bettas and aquarium fish. Not only would any customer with any experience with fish not purchase fish from Walmart, it is clear that Walmart is using live fish as "impulse" purchases with an expiration date defined by death.

It is cruel and inhumane, and completely unnecessary for Walmart's profit margin, to sell live fish. Walmart needs to either commit to providing adequately trained fish care employees specifically for their fish sales or simply end the sale of live fish entirely.

Before you sign this petition, we encourage you to visit your local Walmart and, if they sell live fish, take a good look at the conditions in that department. You will see why this is an important cause.

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