Awesome Betta fish Tanks

March 26, 2018
Awesome Betta Fish Tanks With

I have just found this amazing video on YouTube and had to share it here!

Not only will it make you insanely jealous of the tank set up, it displays a lot of the betta fish’s natural behaviors.

The tank was created from Styrofoam and covered with a brown silicone upon which sand and peat was added to give the natural looking effect. The green grass like plants in the aquarium is a true rice plant – further adding to the realism of the betta fish’s natural environment.

It is so interesting to see the behavior betta fish follow the flow of the water from the top section down the ‘waterfalls’ to get to the bottom section. The description of the video on YouTube gives the impression that this happened everytime the betta fish was placed in the top section.

It is clear to see that this is an intelligent fish, as it swims up and down the wall of the tank trying to find the best spot to take its leap into the tank below. Amazing yeah?

Some clear takeaways from this video, first, I want that setup! Second, betta fish thrive in larger environments, yes they may just about survive in tiny bowls but a large filtered tank with an interesting interior will make your fish sooo much happier. And third, keep a lid on your tank! These fish can and will jump.

Finally, all rights and a big thank you to DefiniteAquascapeTV on YouTube – these guys created the video, all I did was stumble upon it and thought I had to share!

What do you guys think of the video?? Any betta fish jumping stories? Anyone seen and even more impressive tank set up? If so please share!

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