Names for a red Betta fish

August 30, 2018

Beta Fish females for sale from Spelling
The names Beta Fish, Fighting Beta Fish, and Siamese Beta Fish are often seen. But Beta is a misspelling of Betta, which is a word that comes from the scientific name Betta splendens.

The scientific name of the genus Betta was taken from a word in the local language with the phonetic spelling bettah.

2. Female Bettas
We also have large Female Bettas that need to be fed live or frozen food for only a couple of weeks before they'll be ready to breed. If you are looking for a rare female betta, we usually have a few. Click here to buy Female Bettas from us. > face="Georgia, Times, Georgia, Times, Times New Roman, serif">I just wanted to let you know my order just arrived and appears to be in good shape. The Bettas are very beautifull and appear to be healthy. They look a lot better in life than the picture on your website. Thank you very much for your help with this order.
I now have a 55gallon angelfish tank, a 20gallon female Betta tank, a long 7 compartment male Betta tank, a 5 gallon tank w/Betta fry and 4 2.5 gallon breeding/ young fry tanks. I have been selling angelfish to a local pet shop online for a year now and just started to try to raise Betta fry. Again I would like to thank you for helping and selling such perfect fish.
Jerry E.
Hillsdale IN, 47854 face="Georgia, Times, Georgia, Times, Times New Roman, serif"> 3. Male Bettas
are also called Siamese Fighting Fish, and they will usually fight to the death if put in the same bowl. But please don't turn any of these Bettas into fighting fish. Keep them in separate fish bowls, give them good care, and you'll enjoy them for years.

We usually have many beautiful male Bettas available in color varieties such as solid red, solid blue, and mixed colors such as blue with red fins or vise-versa. We also have Cambodians, a few solid yellow male Bettas, and other rare varieties. Click here to buy Male Bettas from us.

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