Most rare Betta fish

July 19, 2015
3. Delta and Superdelta

Ahhh ok, I think i'd just rather support someone who breeds bettas and can guarantee their life hasn't been spent in a glass jar waiting to make its way to the petstore shelf...

I'd also like to add to what Bettas Rule said. It is a very definite thing that when breeding bettas, they can NOT all be in a 2.5 or even 1.5 gallon tank, heated and separated. The breeder would be losing more than gaining. Not only in profit, but in their own line(or breeding program). This would make it VERY hard on the breeder to even try to come up with all that money. Fish are not very cheap when you want qualityVs. Quantity.

Also NOT all breeders sell to pet stores. So that's kind of like a "label" if you know what I mean. I for one am against breeding to sell to pet stores as that would be greatly supporting them meanwhile most aren't going to pay much attenton to bettas of all the fish there that "require" much more than a water change a day. I would never want to just willingly sell my fry to a pet store since you really are just giving their nice breeding quality away (if you've done the right thing to get nice quality fish to begin with.)

I can understand why people would be a bit angry at the fact that breeders dont use "proper" tanks to place their fry, yet we always ecourage beginners to use the nice tanks. I believe it's...if you are going to get them as a pet, wouldnt you want the best for them to be happy?...

I breed specifically to better the betta species and contribute to my own knowledge of betta breeding, keeping, behavior, ect. Also to contribute to others who wish to breed quality fish and get the results they encourage them to continue and possibly consider betta keeping to other people they know.

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