Male Betta fish tank Mates

July 30, 2019
Betta fish tank mates 3 gallon

BettaFrom: MissMouse - betta rescue
I've had cold water tanks for years and thought I would venture into the tropical side of things and I ended up rescuing a very sorry betta fish from a pet shop. I thought he was gonna die but I wanted to give him a nice home. He was totally ripped to shreds by the other "community fish" so he got his very own bi-orb to settle into and is now happy as Larry. Although once when I put a pleco in the tank, my betta was so aggressive towards him I had to seperate them. We also had the same problem with a gourami. He just wants to kill anything else that goes in the tank except the pleco! I think they are happiest on their own, and in a big tank.

From: DogFreak - betta life span
These betta fish are so beautiful! Mine has lived for four years and it still looks healthy.

From: LightKeeper - betta tank mates
I have a 20 gallon tank and keep 1 male and 2 females in with 4 gouramis. They are all anabantoids and all have the same environmental requirements. They share the same temperaments and provided they have enough room, will get along very peacefully. I don't recommend keeping them with small, fast swimmers or other long finned fish. I have been keeping aquariums with this mix of fish for many, many years with great success and the fish live long and healthy lives. Please don't spell the name beta like the greek letter... it's spelled betta and pronounced 'bettah' with a short 'e' as in the word better! Thanks

From: Rachel H. - betta tank mates
I have to say about bettas living with other fish. I just started a 10 gallon tank and I put my betta in with 5 rosy reds plenty of room for all of them and my betta killed two of them. I have had many bettas and they just dont like other fish. If they cant kill them then they just hide in a corner and sulk. Just because they are not trying to kill them doesn't mean they are happy. Mine died a week later, I beleive it was from stress.

From: Meghan - betta tank mates
My first fish was a betta and he was wonderful. I had him in our tank with my goldfish and cherry barbs, they got along fine. They also add lots of color too.

From: Tim - betta aquarium filter
Some bettas do not do well with under ground filters because it creates too much activity in the water.

From: 0morrokh - betta aquarium temperature
I have to correct what it says for temp requirements. It says 70-85, but actually Bettas are very tropical and need a temp of at least 78 F, preferably 80. And please don't keep your Betta in anything less than 5 gallons. In anything smaller (especially bowls), you can't use a heater and it is almost impossible to maintain good water quality... and despite what pet stores tell you, they DO need room to swim around! If you are looking for a more peaceful alternative to the male Betta, try to get some females. They are not as colorful but equally interesting and female bettas can be kept with most other fish, including other female Bettas.

From: Nicole - possible betta tank mates
Tank mates for bettas are fine as long as they dont have long fins as the reading above has said. However gouramis are not a good choice because they are related to the betta too closly. Male bettas might believe that they are another male and fight them.

From: Rachel - betta food
I got my betta a couple of days ago and he was doing so well and then I didn't see him eating. I've been feeding him those flakes, which I'm finding out may not be the best for them. I am seeing lots of flakes floating around and he doesn't get excited (he invesitgates but won't eat) when I put the flakes in the bowl. I don't give him a lot at all and I started to crush the flakes up in case he couldn't eat the food.Please any tips that you might have would be awesome. Thank You
Try to give your betta a single small flake per feeding. Don't put in more than he can eat, it will just lead to poor water quality. You mention a bowl. While many do keep their bettas in a bowl, this is not a good environment for your fish. Bettas, just like other species need an aquarium with a heater and some sort of filtration system to process their wastes and keep water quality in good shape. You don't mention any water parameters in your message. We need to test pH, temp, ammonia, nitrite and nitrates at minimum to make sure that we're keeping our fish in good water conditions. It could be that you have an ammonia or temperature problem here which could be causing the feeding issues. There could also be several other issues, but getting the water quality up and stable should help greatly.
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