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August 8, 2021 : Hikari Betta

Omega One brands of fish foods are amazing and this one is designed specifically for betta fish.

FEEDING: Your guide to supplying your Betta with a healthy, nutritious diet.

Guidelines for Feeding
These fish are carnivores, and prefer live or frozen foods to anything else. It’s more nutritious than pellet or flake food, and produces less waste in the tank. If you can get live foods, use these as often as you can. A varied diet is important to your Betta’s health.

Do not overfeed your fish. Firstly, this will foul your water. Dirty water is an open door to illness and poor Betta health. Secondly, a Betta’s stomach is also very small. It’s only about the size of their eye. You should feed them no more than a pencil eraser-size portion of food at a sitting.

You can feed your Betta once or twice a day. If you feed them twice a day, cut the amount in half that you would normally feed them at one time. Example: if you’re feeding pellets twice a day, feed them 2-3 pellets at a time. Some individuals recommend not feeding your Bettas one day a week. This is optional to the keeper. The Bettas will do fine either way.

These fish don’t typically respond well to pellet or flake foods, but most new or casual Betta keepers find this the most convenient route. Once they get a taste of live or frozen foods, they will usually turn their noses up at pellets or flakes next time you try them. I give my Bettas a diet of live brine shrimp, frozen bloodworms and pellet for bettas If you want to convert them back to prepared pellet or flake food after feeding them live or frozen, just starve them a couple of days and add pellets at that time. They will get hungry and eat them, and it doesn’t hurt the Betta at all to go a couple days without food.

If you decide to feed a Betta frozen food, make sure you thaw it first. Take a small cup or shot glass and dip a bit of water from the tank into the container. Pinch of a small bit of frozen food and add it to the cup. When it’s thawed, pour off the excess water. You may then pour it into the bowl or dispense with a turkey baster.

List of Foods:
¨ Worms: bloodworms, blackworms, glassworms and tubifex worms – live, frozen or freeze-dried.
¨ Brine Shrimp – live, frozen or freeze-dried.

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