Betta fish bloated belly

March 31, 2021
He s my little angel
Feel free to note me if you have any questions regarding bettas or any other tropical fish. If you do not note me and leave a comment instead I cannot guarantee that I will respond in a timely manner, and time can be life or death when it comes to fish!

All responsible betta fish owners want to see their betta live a long and healthy life. But how do you know if your little buddy is sick? What are the signs of illness? And if he or she is sick, what is the culprit and how can you fix it? What should you keep on hand to help fight disease? How can you avoid illnesses? CORRECT HUSBANDRY IS KEY!

Things to keep on hand at all times!
  • Extra nets and jars Aquarium Salt (not table salt!) Potassium Permanganate! (my savior) Quarantine tank

First, these are some, but not all, of the qualities of a healthy betta. I borrowed this list from BettaTalk . If you have time, definitely check it out. Remember, you know your betta better than anyone. Bettas have personalities. Your buddy might not go along with these points exactly but that does not mean he is sick. A healthy betta:
An unhealthy betta:
  • If any of the points in the second list apply to your betta, then something may be wrong with him. There are treatments for many fish illnesses as long as you can diagnose what it is that is harming him. Here are some common diseases/illnesses that affect bettas. Be sure to read the "Long Term Prevention" for each because it will help you avoid many of these illnesses. Also, directly below, is a list of things to check immediately if your fish is acting weird because they might help you diagnose and treat your buddy.

Water Chemistry:
  • Is the ammonia high? What about the nitrites and nitrates? All three of these can kill your fish. If they look like they are gasping for air or are swimming head down do a water change immediately cause they probably have nitrate or ammonia poisoning (exception: tiger barbs, headstanders and some other tetra normally rest with their head pointed down). Extreme pH variation can also cause illness. Are there chlorinates in the water? Many issues can be cured by a simple water change so it should be the first thing you try.
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