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December 24, 2019
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Note: Where to buy Indian almond leaves.

I get a lot of emails asking if I sell leaves and where to buy Indian Almond leaves. I do not sell leaves at this point. The best place to buy leaves in my experince is Ebay. I recommend the provider Amy-lim that I got good experiences with.


Indian almond tree plantling Indian Almond Seedling.

Indian almond leaves (IAL) have traditionally been used by South East Asian Betta breeders to mimic the natural Betta habitat in captivity and make their fish stronger, healthier and more reproductive. Indian almond leaves are also believed to help fighting fish get in prime shape before a battle and heal their wounds afterwards.

As far as I know, the effect of Indian almond leaves on Betta fish has not been scientifically studied and it can therefore be hard to separate truth from myth when discussing IAL and Bettas. I can only speak from personal experience with Indian almond leaves in Betta tanks and relay anecdotal evidence from fellow Betta keepers. Hopefully, the field will be more thoroughly investigated in the future.

Using Indian almond leaves in Betta tanks
Some Betta keepers and breeder use Indian almond leaves all the time, while others prefer to use them in certain situations only. This can for instance be when….

  • … you want to coax your Bettas into spawning
  • … your Betta seem to be a bit under the weather and needs some pampering
  • … your Betta has been injured
  • … you are introducing a Betta to a new home
  • … your are setting up a new Betta tank
  • … you are shipping a Betta
  • … you are setting up a separate fry rearing tank and wants to condition the water and give the fry access to infusoria

If you use Indian almond leaves all the time, the safest course of action is to gradually wean your Betta off the stuff before selling it to an aquarist that won’t use IAL. A Betta raised in an IAL-tank (or even one that has spent a lot of time in such a tank) can have a hard time adjusting if suddenly tossed into a tank without Indian almond leaves. Make the process slow and gradual.

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