What is wrong with my Betta fish?

December 28, 2019
From pop-eye

I have a betta and he's always at the top
I just got him a week ago and I love him ♥ .
But he is always at the top and I'm scared it's a BAD thing

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How big is the tank? Do you have a filter and heater?

What were your last water test results?

He is in a bowl.

Greetings, Audie—

So, part of the problem is that bettas cannot be kept (healthily, or long) in bowls. They are sold this way, I know, but that's in order to sell them. They cannot live this way.

A betta needs a 5 gallon tank at least, though 10 gallon is better. A better is a tropical (warm water) fish, and so he will need a heater as well as a filter (to help keep the tank clean).

I'm afraid that with your present set up, your betta will not last very long. Can you find a way to get an actual tank, with a heater and filter? Remember, fish are living creatures, just as we are, and they need: a clean environment; comfortable temperatures; and room to move.

Good luck,


Thanks for the advise. I'm in foster cars and cat afford a tank and etc...
I will cry when he dies. I clean his bowl everyday.

How long do you think he will last? ( I'm going to cry just thinking about it)

Oh, sweetie—

Listen: it will be hard, but if you are willing to work really really hard, you can do your best to make his life as healthy and happy as possible.

Ok, so make sure you have a water conditioner (this is not expensive, but you need it to remove chlorine—if you absolutely can't afford it, you can pour water into a bucket and let it sit for four or five days, and the chlorine with evaporate), and do 20% water changes every three days: about twice a week. Keep the bowl by a light or anything that might give it some warmth. Don't overfeed, and if you can get a turkey baster sort of thing, remove any obvious left over food of feces.

How often do you feed him, and what do you feed?

Listen: he is happier in what you've given him than he was in the cup in the store. You have fostered him, and that is really, really important, and a very loving thing for you to have done.

Keep us updated.

Audie wrote:

It isn't your fault. They really shouldn't sell the bowls for these fish. If people seem upset about it, that's why. It's frustrating knowing how these fish are marketed. It's not directed at you.

Do a water change like Abs said. Half the bowl contents ( %50 water change ). Let the water get to room temp. I hope you are able to get some water conditioner. Perhaps your foster parents or a friend will help with that. It isn't expensive and any kind will be better than none. You won't need to empty and clean his whole tank. Using soap on it is a big no-no. Plus, don't clean his gravel. Remove debris best you can, but don't remove it and wash it. Good bacteria will grow in that.

Lower the water level in the bowl also. Betta need oxygen and will swim to the top to try and get some. If you can lower it to a point where he has more top surface area he will be happier.

If you're able to at some point try adding a small air bubbler and small pump. It will help circulate the water.

All I want is for him to be happy he is my baby ♥.

Source: www.myaquariumclub.com
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