Betta fish science fair Project

November 16, 2022
Her science fair project
Project title Aggressive behavior: Going head to head with a betta. Difficulty Level Project page
Description The behaviors of organisms will be repeated if such behavior results in a positive outcome. When behavior does not result in a positive outcome, such behavior will diminish. The male betta fish displays a certain behavior of warning other males to stay away. This science fair project will allow you to observe what happens when the betta's "warning" behavior stops working, which can be caused by extinction or habituation.
Instructions preview Day 1 *Place a mirror in front of the aquarium glass so the betta can see it. *Observe the reaction of the betta. The betta should display aggressive signs (Refer to "Betta Splendens Aggression, " located in the bibliography section). *After the betta displays aggression, remove the mirror. Wait for 1 minute then present the mirror again and observe the betta's reactions, paying attention to any changes in the display behavior. *Repeat this process until the betta shows little or no interest when presented with the mirror. Make sure to note the number of trials so that it may be .
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