Betta fish together

January 25, 2019
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Do you want to know how to take care of a betta fish? Well i am a trained official Sientist . Hello i am Beynoka . If your having trouble with your animal comment on my info's it doesnot have to be a betta . Im just going to talk about bettas for starters today. Are you having trouble then heres your steps. There is some debate about whether the betta fish needs or would prefer more room, but they certainly can live in small aquariums. Betta fish come in many varieties. There are regular bettas, crown tail bettas, twin tail bettas, and more. There are show bettas and bettas that are caught in the wild and of great value because they refresh the betta gene pool. Betta fish have been found to live for up to three years in the right conditions, but few in home aquariums will live anywhere near this long. You may have heard betta fish referred to as "Siamese Fighting Fish." This is because male bettas are extremely aggresive towards one another and will fight. They have been known to flare up upon seeing their own reflections so as to intimidate what they perceive as another betta. Female betta fish are not quite that aggressive towards each other, though it is recommended that there be many hiding places inside a tank if several female betta fish are to be kept together. Keeping two male betta fish together will almost certainly result in one dying.

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