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February 4, 2015
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Lee Dobbins

If you compare the difference between the salt water or marine fish and
freshwater fish, you know that the fish for freshwater aquariums can be
a bit dull and boring compared to salt water fish. However, there is
one fish for freshwater fish tanks that is so beautiful and exotic it
can rival any of the marine fish.

This fish is the Betta or Japanese fighting fish. You've probably seen
them sitting In tiny round bowls at your pet store. These are the
beautifully colored fish with long flowing fins that come in a range of
red, purple's and aqua's.

These fish exhibit a grace and beauty that compares to none other and
you might just one of the lucky fish tank with a dozen of them.
However, this wouldn't be very good idea since male Bettas - the ones
with the long fins - a very territorial and will fight to the death.

When buying Bettas for your fish tank you need to make sure that you
only have one male aquarium. You can have more than one female, but the
females are not as beautiful as the males having much shorter fins and
in fact, the females can also fight but are not as aggressive as the

In addition to being beautiful, the Betta is also one of the few
freshwater fish that can survive in water that has little in as they
can actually take the oxygen from the air itself. But just because they
can survive in a little tiny bowls doesn't mean you should subject him
to such a boring life. just like with any fish the bigger the aquarium
and the better the water quality and healthier you fish will be.

If you do decide to keep your Betta are in a small fish bowl you'll
need to spend a lot of time doing water changes in making sure that the
water quality is good enough for your fish to size. The water in a
small bowl will soon become toxic due to decaying food and wastes and
there is not enough room in a small bowl for enough bacteria to build
up for sufficient biological filtration. You should probably change out
half the water to three times a week in order to keep the ammonia
nitrate levels at bay. Also be sure that your fish gets the appropriate
heat and light necessary to survive.

Feeding your Betta the appropriate food will help keep him healthy and
colorful. Bettas are carnivores and will need a meat-based feed food.
They like food such as prime time, freeze dried blood worms and you can
also buy food specifically formulated for the Betta fish. If you're
feeding him frozen brine shrimp, thaw it out so that your Betta can
digest it properly. Don't overfeed refresh, simply given up what he can
eat in a minute or two as you want to avoid having food rot on the
bottom of your tank which will reduce the water quality.

Bettas like a water temperature that is around 78 to 80F and it is
good to keep this temperature consistent. keep your tank away from
windows so that algae does not build up and also keep it out of drafts
or sunlight is the sunlight can heat the water up to much. Adding live
plants suitable or aquarium can help filter the water and keep the
quality at peak levels.

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