Why are Betta fish in small bowls?

March 16, 2018
Cool Betta Fish Bowls Unique

Fish-keeping has evolved over centuries, from small vases and bowl to the high-tech aquariums of today. Unfortunately, some fish-keepers haven't advanced along too, and still keep their pets in the dreaded fish bowl. Ironically, fish bowls are not suitable homes for aquarium fish, whether they're goldfish or bettas or any other animal. The Essential Goldfish: Total Care, Housing, and Feeding Your Goldfish, Keeping Your Pet Healthy, Breeding by Maddy Hargrove says about the fish bowl- "A muddy puddle in a deep pothole would probably be better." And for many reasons:

  • The shape of the bowl minimizes the surface-to-air ratio. This is the proportion of how much water surface is exposed to air as opposed to the rest of the water. The higher the ratio, the more oxygen will dissolve into the water, allowing the fish to breathe more easily. The rectangular form of an aquarium alllows for a larger surface-to-air ratios, keeping O2 levels up.

Have a Heart

If you buy a pet, whether it's a fish or a dog, it is your responsibility to make sure s/he gets the best care possible under your ownership. Animals are not toys- they are living creatures and need to be respected and treated right. This includes fish. If you're keeping a fish in a bowl, do the right thing and buy a proper aquarium!

Source: pethelpful.com
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